September 19, 2010

Watch / Read / Think / Imagine / Enjoy

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, 
then what is the value of the word as a picture?"

Title: Words

Length: 2:00 min
Work completed: June 2010
Production schedule: 6 weeks
Director, creator: Jacques Khouri

Project type: Animated type base exercise
Synopsis: This was a type design exercise. The main objective was to try to visualize words and there meaning. 
Tools: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects
Hardware: HP Laptop 
Challenges: As an amusement, The project started as a small exercise to kill time during class and gradually evolved to becoming a full project. The main challenge was to come up with witty ways of visualizing words and make them appealing to watch. Some of my favorites are the "bee" as well as "circle. I tried to do other words but decided to quit while I was ahead. Here are some that did not make the cut: Smear, Rope, Erase, Ring, infinity, water, freeze, scratch, etc, draw... 
Technically, I drew and sketched out the ideas and then would decide to either do it in 3D Maya or just try to composite it in After Effects.

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