October 24, 2010

Renaissance Revolution - Hyeronimus Bosch

Hyeronimus Bosch, The garden of earthly delights (1505), Museo del Prado

Nowadays, when we look at a painting from five hundred years ago we use to give for granted the knowledge we carry on from our cultural heritage. This make us ignore every revolutionary aspect that painting may have. To understand art in its real sense and with an honest scene, we must go back in time when some things were not so common, when there was a very different tradition around the artistic expressions. 

The Garden of earthly delights (1505) painted by Hyeronismus Bosch (best known as “El Bosco”), is one of those works of art that make us wonder. To see this magnificent painting from a fair point of view, Matthew Collings take us to the world of this mysterious Netherlandish artist through the TV documentary Renaissance Revolution (BBC). 

Dare to feel what a viewer from the 16th Century would have felt. Let’s leave behind our prejudices of modern observers and immerse our minds in this astonishing cosmos created when religion ruled the lives of every man.

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